#humanswithrahmah Series: More than words – Amat Family Charity Project

Salaam friends of learnislam! As we were busy preparing ourselves towards the end of Ramadan last week, we bumped into people who were busy preparing and doing things for others instead. We had the chance to talk to Farid Hassan - the head for this year's Amat Family Charity Project's (AFCP) annual Batam Charity Iftar held last 10-11 June. The charity project has been running for 5 years by a family so passionate in giving back to others less fortunate. Below is our short interview with Farid: 1) Hi Assalaamu’alaikum Farid, firstly tell us more about yourself. Waalaikumsalam. My name is Farid Hassan....

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#humanswithrahmah series: Love Beyond Borders – Project Meraki

Salaam friends of learnislam! Following last week's interview with Saufy for our first article on #humanswithrahmah, we had the opportunity to talk to another inspiring muslim, Fazila Banu - head of Project Meraki, and an advocate for human rights and spreading love beyond our borders. Project Meraki engaged refugees from Chin & Rohingnya residing in Malaysia last May. Below is our short interview with Fazila: 1) Hi Assalaamu’alaikum Fazila, firstly tell us more about yourself. Walaikumsalam Umairah, my name is Fazila Banu and I just graduated from NTU. I did English Literature and Public Policy & Global Affairs and I have...

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#humanswithrahmah series: Wheel you play?

Salaam friends of learnislam! Recently we managed to have a short conversation with an NTU undergrad in Sports Science & Management, Muhd Saufy Abdul Karim, 24, about how sports can also spread rahmah and bring people together - regardless of age, gender or even physical mobility. After being introduced to Wheelchair Basketball last year, Saufy is now an advocate of the much less known sport. Below is a short interview I had with him: Hi Assalaamu’alaikum Saufy, firstly tell us more about yourself. Waalaikumsalam .  I just completed my third year of studies in NTU. As an individual, I just love...

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