Ramadan Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ramadan FAQ #22: Speaking Ill Of A Friend

No, but read on :D There are indeed some scholars who are of the view that backbiting and lying invalidate fasting. However, the majority of the scholars view otherwise. It is unanimous, however, that backbiting is a major sin – it is akin to eating the flesh of your dead friend – and it is something that we would want to avoid at all times, especially during this blessed month of Ramadan. Fasting is not mere abstinence from food, drinks and sexual relations, but from one’s evil thoughts and actions as well. Like you know, blaming others (or even inanimate...

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Ramadan FAQ #21: Can I Not Fast If I Missed My Sahur?

No (sorry). Although sahur is a highly encouraged sunnah, it is not a condition of fasting. One should still fast even if one did not take the sahur (even if you had slept through the alarm – I mean even if the alarm clock did not even make a squeak). Not fasting simply because one did not take sahur is not permissible and is considered a sin (even if it’s the alarm clock’s fault).   [supsystic-social-sharing id='1']

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Ramadan FAQ #18: I Forgot To Express My Niat

No :) It is obligatory for one to have the intention (niyyah) for the obligatory fasts prior to thestart of dawn (sunrise). However, the place of the intention is the heart, hence it is not a condition – albeit it is encouraged – for one to verbalise the intention (in whichever language you choose). If it crosses a person's mind that he is going to fast tomorrow, in any form or manner, then s/he has made the intention. By waking up for sahur, for example, one has indirectly made the intention to fast. Some scholars are of the view that...

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