The Power of Routines – a Youth aLIVE Discourse

On some days, we feel like we’ve been working hard but getting no where.
Some days can be monotonous and uninspiring.
And if there’s one thing we love to count, it’s counting DOWN to the weekends.

Have you felt like this before? If it’s a yes to all the above, we are telling you that these can change!

If you are waiting for a sign to turn your life around… This. Is. It.

Back in Singapore for the third time, bro Mohammed Abdullah Faris aka Abu Productive will share new tips and tools on how to make your days productive at this workshop.

This one-day workshop will help you understand the power daily habits and routines have to achieve success in this life and the hereafter.

Learn how your daily, minute tasks can actually make a huge impact. Turn those monotonous, bleak days into fired up days that will keep you motivated and productive!

Speaker profile:

Mohammed Faris, also known as Abu Productive – is an internationally sought speaker, coach, and author who spearheaded the niche of productivity and Islam. He’s the founder of and author of the book “The Productive Muslim: Where Faith Meets Productivity”.

Mohammed Faris leverages the power of faith & cutting edge productivity research to help companies and professionals operate at peak performance. He has delivered talks and trainings at numerous events and seminars across the world including UK, US, Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia as well as featured on international media. Over 20,000 people have attended his workshops and he continues to inspire millions of followers online.

In 2014, the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre added him to the World’s 500 Most Influential Muslims list. And in 2016, the he was awarded the 2016 Islamic Economy Award in the Media category for his valuable contribution to the development of the global Islamic Economy at the Global Islamic Economy Conference in Dubai.

Seats are limited. Are you ready for a change? Register and get your tickets here! May the workshop be beneficial for you as it had benefitted many others in the previous YADs. – NRN


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