Ramadan Talks/Forums for Youths

Talks/Workshops/Conference lined up for Youths this Ramadan.

For more information on these programs, contact the individual mosques conducting the programs or follow  us on learnislam FB page

Cluster DATE pROGRAMME Venue
Central  11 May

18 May

25 May

Ramadan Rambles Al-Muttaqin Mosque
North East  13 May

8.30am – 5pm

Puasa Yok-Yok Pag-Pagi Buka Periuk

(Khusyuk In Solat, Mukjizat Al-Quran & Fiqh Ramadan)

Al-Islah Mosque
North West  21-22 April

7.30pm – 8pm

UNight Ramadan Edition Al-Huda Mosque
South East  20 May

5pm – 10pm

Ramadan Mu Tunggu Kami Datang 2 Al-Ansar Mosque
South West  19 May


Me. You. Ramadan Al-Khair Mosque


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