Sinar Ramadan

Quran Clinic
  • 2 Jun
  • An-Nur (Marsiling) | Jamiyah Ar-Rabitah (Redhill) | Al-Islah (Punggol) | Maarof (Jurong West) | Muhajirin (Braddell Road)
Quran Hour
  • 2 Jun 2018 (5.30 – 6.30 pm)
  • All Mosques
Sinar Ramadan
  • 9 – 10 Jun 20 18
  • Masjid Sultan
    • Al-Quran Seminar
    • Mass Doa
    • Talkshow: Mufti Dr Fatris Bakaram, Ustaz Zahid Zin, Ustaz Kamal Mokhtar
    • Youth Segment
    • Qiyamullail with Mufti
    • Subuh Kuliah with Ustaz Irwan Hadi Shuhaimy (English)


This Ramadan, the mosque sector has put together several key events and initiatives to make our experience in this holy month a more deserving and meaningful one for all.

Central to these key messages is ‘Rahmah’ or Mercy, as taught by the Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h. This is encapsulated in the Ramadan theme – ‘Rahmah Begins with Me’. This year, the focus is on three key areas:

  • Strengthening Family – Internalising Rahmah within the Family
    • These include increasing knowledge by individuals and family members as well as performing good deeds and displaying positive behaviours for and towards family members

  • Caring for Society – Spreading of Rahmah to All
    • Some of these actions include demonstrating good neighbourliness, helping those in need, loving the young and respecting the elderly – regardless of race, language of religion

  • Concern for the Environment – Promoting Efforts towards Green Environment & Healthy Lifestyle
    • These can include caring for the environment, practising healthy lifestyle and changing mindsets towards positive behavioural change

These key messages will be reinforced in all activities and events organised by mosques with the additional tagline ‘Striving with Confidence. Serving with Compassion’ as part of the theme.

Strive. Serve. Rahmah.

Striving with Confidence. Serving with Compassion. Rahmah Begins with Me.

Let's strive do more good this Ramadan. Register for key events conducted by the Sentuhan Ramadan Committee through the links below!

Ramadan Youth Challenge

25-27 May 2018
For youths 13-20 years old
Conducted at 5 Mosques
Registration can be made at each individual mosque.

Youth Talkshow Bersama Mufti

9 Jun 2018
10.30pm - 12.00am
Masjid Sultan Main Prayer Hall
Panelist: Ustadz Kamal Mokhtar & Son, Ustadz Zahid Zin
Moderator: Sohibus Samahah Mufti Dr Md Fatris Bakaram

Seminar Al-Quran

9 Jun 2018
1.45pm - 4.45pm
Masjid Sultan Auditorium
Ustaz Kamaruzaman Afandi
Ustazah Nurul 'Izzah Khamsani
Mufti Dr Fatris Bakaram
Register Here

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