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Why This Ramadan is All About Mercy: Rahmah, Get Set, Go.

Why should we show mercy (rahmah) first and foremost this Ramadan? Let's look to the Prophet s.a.w.'s examples for guidance.

Adapted from Ramadan For All Booklet published by Office of the Mufti.

Download the booklet by Mufti here

The Prophet s.a.w. would always be the first to greet others. When he shook the hand of someone, he would continue to hold it until the other person withdrew his hand first. In showing gratitude to his guest, he would shake his guest’s hand and hold him to demonstrate his affection towards him.

Indeed, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. is the epitome of mercy. The personality of our beloved Prophet s.a.w. showed that he was indeed a merciful prophet who had taught good values and conduct for the betterment of humanity.

His life story illustrated how he had shown mercy, which was extended not only to the believers of his message, but also to those who did not share his faith. His mercy went beyond humankind, to the environment, the animals, and the whole of Allah’s creations.

As the followers of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w., we ought to emulate his sunnah by showing mercy towards others. Rahmah begins with one’s self. Thus, during this blessed month of mercy, the month of Ramadan, let us take the opportunity to strive and ignite the spirit of rahmah within ourselves.

May our rahmah for others open the doors to Allah’s rahmah upon us, and may we do the Prophet s.a.w., who was a living manifestation of rahmah, proud, as we strive to emulate his examples this Ramadan and beyond.

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