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Registration for aLIVE programmes in 2022 can now be done online! 

Key Steps for aLIVE Madrasah Registration: 

  1. Identify age group/level for your child 
  2. Find your preferred Masjid (also known as aLIVE Centres) 
  3. Click here to register online 
  4. Contact preferred mosque for more information 

Registration Opening Dates:

There are 38 aLIVE Centres/Masjid which you may enrol your child into.

📌 Registration period runs from September to December 2021, as long as slots are available at the respective locations.

South Mosque Cluster:
aLIVE Centre/Masjid (South) 
Abdul GafoorNIL
Mujahidin01 Sep
Al-Amin01 Sep
Jamiyah Ar-Rabitah (ILHAM)23 Sep
East Mosque Cluster:
aLIVE Centre/Masjid (East) 
Darul Aman01 Sep
Haji Mohd Salleh (Geylang)01 Sep
Kampung Siglap01 Sep
Kassim01 Sep
Al-Islah (ILHAM)23 Sep
Al-Mawaddah (ILHAM)23 Sep
Al-Istighfar (ILHAM)23 Sep
Al-Taqua (ILHAM)23 Sep
Alkaff Kampung Melayu (ILHAM)23 Sep
Al-Ansar (ILHAM)23 Sep
Darul Ghufran (ILHAM)23 Sep
Sallim Mattar (ILHAM)23 Sep
West Mosque Cluster:
aLIVE Centre/Masjid (West) 
Al-Khair05 Sep
Al-Khair English Madrasah05 Sep
Darussalam05 Sep
Hasanah05 Sep
Al-Firdaus05 Sep
Al-Iman05 Sep
Ar-Raudhah05 Sep
Al-Mukminin (ILHAM)23 Sep
Assyakirin (ILHAM)23 Sep
Maarof (ILHAM)23 Sep
North Mosque Cluster:
aLIVE Centre/Masjid (North) 
Yusof Ishak14 Sep
Darul Makmur14 Sep
Assyafaah14 Sep
Al-Muttaqin14 Sep
Hjh Rahimabi Kebun Limau14 Sep
Alkaff Upper Serangoon14 Sep
Al-Istiqamah14 Sep
Ahmad Ibrahim14 Sep
Haji Yusoff14 Sep
An-Nur (ILHAM)23 Sep
An-Nahdhah (ILHAM)23 Sep
En-Naeem (ILHAM)23 Sep

Watch this short video on how to register your child for aLIVE programmes:

Upon registration, the aLIVE centre will contact you at a later date to inform if your child’s/children’s application is/are successful.
aLIVE centres will contact and follow up with relevant details, should there be no more vacancies available. 

For more details, contact your preferred Masjid or aLIVE Centre. Otherwise, click here to know more about aLIVE programmes. 


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