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aLIVE – Learning Islamic Values Everyday

What is aLIVE?

The aLIVE programmes aim to nurture soleh/solehah (pious/righteous) children with taqwa (God-consciousness) and good akhlak (character), knowledgeable in Islam, become practising Muslims, and show care and concern towards others.



The aLIVE programmes adopt a thematic approach to learning. Different themes appropriate for the different levels have been developed so that lessons can be delivered effectively. The subjects on Aqidah and Fiqh are presented as “Faith & Practices”, Akhlak as “Character & Life Skills”, Sirah and Tarikh as “Social & Civilisational Islam” and Iqra’ and Qur’an Reading as “Qur’anic Literacy”.

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The four areas are given different emphasis depending on the programme, the module and the topic. For example, more emphasis is placed on Qur’anic Literacy in the Kids and Tweens aLIVE programmes.



The aLIVE programmes seek to inculcate values through modelling so that students can see them being exemplified by their teachers. Teachers will also facilitate the learning of these values by providing opportunities to the students to personally engage in the moral-building journey. This is the divine instruction given in the Qur’an and followed by the early generations of Muslim scholars.



The aLIVE asatizah are qualified and specially trained to deliver content effectively. They do this by engaging in activities and relating classroom learning to the students’ lives. Many of the asatizah are graduates of established Islamic learning institutions such as Al-Azhar University and the International Islamic University of Malaysia. They are also required to attend regular training sessions organised by Muis.



To effectively assess students, multiple forms of assessment are used to cover the different types of learning that students go through, both in and out of classrooms.

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