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About A Muslim’s Manual (Module 2)

Complete Guide to Fasting, Zakat & Hajj

Module description: Central to the Islamic teachings and way of life are various obligatory acts of worship (ibadah) which are often referred to as the “Five Pillars of Islam.” While the aim of each of these is the remembrance and glorification of Allah s.w.t., it must be emphasized that Allah’s majesty and glory do not depend in the slightest degree upon the praise or even acknowledgment of His creatures. Rather it is the human being who needs these recurrent forms of worship to keep his contact with his Lord. The purpose of Islamic acts of worship or practices is, therefore, to strengthen the individual’s faith and submission to Allah, to enhance his character, to discipline him for his role as Allah’s faithful servant and steward on earth, to make it possible and easy for him/her to live in the manner ordained by Allah, and to reinforce the ties of brotherhood and affection among humankind. In this deeply self-reflective and interactive course, students will not only learn the fine details of the aspects of worship, but also their significance to sustain his appreciation and steadfastness in performing them.

Date: Every Tuesday, 28th January to 31st March 2020
Location: Al-Islah Mosque
Language: English
Murabbi: Ustaz Syazwan Elrani
Fees: $50 for 1 module & $95 for both module (part 1 & part 2)


Module 1: Complete Guide to Syahadah & Solat (10 hours) (5 weeks)
In this 10-credit hours’ course, students will be covering the following topics:

General Introduction and the 1st Pillar: Syahadah
2nd Pillar: Solat – Its History, Importance and Benefits
2nd Pillar: Solat – Its Essentials
2nd Pillar: Solat – Practical

Module 2: Complete Guide to Fasting, Zakat & Hajj (10 hours) (5 weeks)
In this 10-credit hours’ course, students will be covering the following topics:

3rd Pillar: Zakat – Its Essentials
3rd Pillar: Zakat – A Singapore Context
4th Pillar: Fasting – A Catalyst Towards Positive Change
4th Pillar: Fasting – Practical Understanding and Application
5th Pillar: Hajj – Lessons On Sacrifice, Unity and Complete Devotion

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