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About ADIL Academic Year 2021 @ Ar-Raudhah


Start date: Saturdays, 22nd January 2021 onwards
Time: Various
Venue: Zoom (Live)
Cost: $60 for January 2021 (including registration fee) | $45 (monthly) from February – October 2021
Language: English

ADIL Academic Year Programme is a comprehensive Islamic learning offering continuity and clear pathway to provide further opportunities for interested young adults to continue pursuing Islamic learning. The class will be conducted every Saturday and it will cover both baseline and intermediate ADIL modules in two years.

Module Overview:
1. Being a Muslim in Singapore 1
2. Being a Muslim in Singapore 2
3. Being a Muslim in Singapore 3
4. Path of Repentance
5. Traveller’s Fiqh
6. Fiqh for the Sick
7. Introduction to Diversity
8. Introduction to Maqasid Al-Shariah
9. Fiqh of Planned Giving
10. Ulul ‘Azmi
11. Dawn of Makkah

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