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About Behind Barzakh – Uncovering the Mysteries of the Afterlife


As Muslims, we believe that there is a reality of another life of a very different nature from the life of this world, of infinite duration. Muslims believe in the Day of Judgment when all people will be resurrected for Allah’s judgment according to their beliefs and deeds. He will take into account the acts of all humans and designate each person a place either in heaven or in hellfire.

But in between, there will be a barrier or partition of designated place separating this life and the hereafter called the Barzakh. Join us in this retreat, to learn more what the Quran and our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. mentioned about the Barzkah and the afterlife. Be inspired to do more services and contributions in life with high hope of reaping the promised rewards in the hereafter.

Speaker 1: “Believing in the Inevitable Journey”

– The importance of knowing and believing in the afterlife

– Relationship between the Dunya & Akhirah (Purpose of life, etc.)

– Concept of the unseen (Ghaibiyyat)

– Phases of life/soul (Ruh, Mother’s Womb, World, Barzakh, Heaven/Hell)

– Journey of life after death (Sakrat, Barzakh, Mahsyar, Mizan & Sirath, Final Abode)

– Believing in the Angels (Hadiths on related angels: Israfil, Izrail, Munkar, Nakir, etc.)

Speaker 2: “Preparing for the Afterlife”

– Preparing for Barzakh (List of beneficial deeds for self & preparation to leave others)

– Inside Barzakh (Hadiths on angel’s questions, rewards/punishments and its caused)

– The Prophet’s prayers: seeking refuge from punishment of the grave

– The sunnah in helping someone facing death or the Sakrat

– Praying for our deceased loved ones – respect the differences in opinion

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