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About Dawn of Makkah (The History of our Prophet s.a.w.)

Date: Saturday & Sunday, 18/7/2020 – 19/7/2020
Time: 9:00am – 1:00pm
Location: Majid Assyakirin
Payment: $50
Language: English
Murabbi: Ustaz Md Zulkarnain Azman


(The History of our Prophet s.a.w.)

Module Duration: 8 hours
Module Synopsis:

This module aims to explore the blessed life of the most influential man; Nabi
Muhammad s.a.w. This will be conducted through an in-depth analysis of the
environment, cultures and practices as well as the important events before and after
his birth, adolescence and post-adolescence years, and prophethood; until the final
year before the establishment of the Madinah community in chronological order.
Lessons derived from the Prophet’s s.a.w. history are truly living examples which
can be reflected upon, internalized and applied to the modern context. This module is
drawn up with the hope that participants will be able to fully comprehend the Arabic,
tribal and nomadic background before and after Islam, and extract relevant and
meaningful lessons on the life of the Prophet s.a.w. and apply the learning points into
their daily lives.

Module Objectives:
  1. Instill and adopt a sense of love, compassion and admiration towards the Prophet
  2. Analyse selected events that took place in the life of the Prophet s.a.w.
    chronologically before he was born until the Hijrah to Madinah.
  3. Appreciate the sacrifices and struggles of the early Muslim community.
Module Outline:

1. Age of Jahiliyyah

  • The Age of Jahiliyyah and its Norms
  • The Year of the Elephant and The Blessed Birth of Nabi Muhammad s.a.w.
  • The Early Years of Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. (family, economic & social life)
  • ‘Hilf al-Fudhul’ – League of the Virtuous

2. Life of the Prophet s.a.w. (Pre-prophethood)

  • Pre-Prophethood
  • First Revelation: The Foundation of ‘Ilm
  • Second Revelation: The Cloaked One
  • The Early Muslims in Makkah and their Prominent Roles

3. Prophethood & the Early Converts

  • The Early Conversions
  • The Calling: In Secret & In Public
  • The First Hijrah: Adversity & Persecution
  • The ‘Dialogue’
  • 4. Challenges & Tribulations
  • Aam al-Huzn (Year of Sorrow/Sadness)
  • Da’wah in the city of Thaif
  • The story and significance of al-Israa’ wal Mi’raaj

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