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About Fiqh for the Sick

Fiqh for the Sick

Date: 7 – 28 Oct 2021, Thursdays
Time: 7:30pm to 9:30pm
Venue: Zoom (Live)
Murabbi: Ust Ahmad Faritz
Fees: FREE
Language: English

Module Description

Muslims view illness and sickness as tribulations and trials from Allah s.w.t. Sickness is regarded as a kaffarah or expiations of sins. At the same time, Muslims are reminded to take care of their health as the wellness of their body is an amanah by Allah s.w.t. for them.

A healthy and strong believer is loved by Allah s.w.t and thus one should always strive to maintain one’s health and wellness. However, illness and sickness are inevitable in one’s life. Therefore, as Muslims, we are reminded to be prepared for any eventualities and that includes preparation in managing illness.

Module Outline

  • Understanding the Fiqh concept of rukhsah (exemptions from general rulings) for the sick
  • Methods of performing tayammum due to surgical scar, bandage and other medical condition.
  • Performing wudu’ (ablution) in special circumstances
  • Performing prayer in various positions due to sickness
  • Combining prayer (jama’) for the sick
  • Contemporary medical issues, such as praying with a urine catheter
  • The rulings on fasting when one is sick
  • Supplications for the sick

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