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About Fiqh Kekeluargaan

Fiqh Kekeluargaan

Date: 18 Aug – 8 Sep 2021, Wednesdays
Time: 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Venue: Zoom (Live)
Murabbi: Ustaz Md Asysallehan Ali
Language: Malay
Fees: $50

Module Description

This module aims to review the responsibilities and roles of each member of the Muslim family, among those who have a mahram relationship consisting of mother, father and siblings as well as relationships with non-mahram family members such as adopted children and domestic workers.

This module will also discuss the latest issues faced by Muslim families in Singapore such as the issue of the aurat of an adopted child as an adult, issues regarding the preparation for old age such as inheritance rights, wills, faraid and also family planning.

This module will bring participants to understand and practise good values ​​in family life mentioned in religious sources, in accordance with life in Singapore.
At the end of this module, it is hoped that the participants will be able to understand and perform their respective responsibilities to achieve a family life full of love and mercy.

Module Outline

• Provides basic guidance in managing family affairs based on Islamic values ​​according to Singapore’s context.
• Explain the rights and responsibilities of each family member to each other in matters related to alimony, aurat for adopted children and domestic workers, wealth/asset planning and division of inheritance.
• Share important and relevant information from the authorities in Singapore related to family affairs such as MUIS, Syariah Court, ROMM, Family Court, AMLA and others.

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