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About Fiqh Musafir

Module Description

As a Muslim, understanding and performing the commandments of Allah s.w.t. is vital in one’s quest to be righteous servant of The Almighty. Therefore, grasping the knowledge of Fiqh is imperative in enabling one’s to understand the rulings and practices as interpreted by the Muslim jurists (fuqaha’). The fiqh rulings serve as a manual and guide to ease Muslims in their religious rituals and practices in accordance to their circumstances and localities. In this eight-hour engaging workshop, participants will be introduced to the Fiqh concept of rukhsah (exemption from general rulings) with special focus on issues faced by Muslims when they travel. As Muslims form part of the world’s travellers, there is therefore a need to know how to perform their religious obligations such as praying (solah) and fasting (sawm). This course will explain guidance on taking ablution (wudu’) and praying while taking land transport such as tour buses and air travelling, such as when one is taking a flight.

Beyond the issues of praying, this course will also share information on dietary rulings, such as tips on finding food that is permissible for Muslims to consume while they are in countries with few or almost no halal-certified eating establishments. This course is relevant for frequent or occasional travellers and will equip them with relevant knowledge that will guide them to be confident with their faith as they travel to see the beauty of Allah’s creations in this vast world.

Module Outline (8 hours)

In this 8-credit hours’ course, students will be covering the following topics:

  • Understanding the Fiqh concept of Rukhsah (exemptions from general rulings)
  • Understanding Jama’ & Qasr – combining and shortening prayer
  • How to pray while travelling? (on bus, train and airplane)
  • Ways in determining the time of prayer
  • Finding direction of praying (Qiblat) while on moving transportation
  • Basic dietary guidelines – what to eat if there is no halal certified food?
  • Fasting while travelling – any exemptions?
  • Supplications for the Musafir (Traveller)

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