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About Fiqh of Planned Giving

Fiqh of Planned Giving

Date: 1 Nov – 22 Nov 2021, Mondays
Time: 8:00pm to 10:00pm
Venue: Zoom (Live)
Murabbi: Ust Nuzaihan Hamdan
Fees: FREE
Language: English

Module Description

Many things should be put into consideration in order to maintain the purity of our property in accordance with the policies and guidelines of the Shariah.

By understanding how to plan our economies and finance, it is hoped to implement the objectives of Sharia in society, business and finance that will bring prosperity and happiness to every individual in the community.

This comprehensive course will provide a clearer picture with regards to the money management in the eyes of Islamic law alongside with current issues, case studies and fatwas.

Areas that will be touched are the concept of wealth, its importance as well as the dimensions of wealth planning which includes wealth accumulation, protection, purification, cleansing and disposition.

Module Outline (8 hours)

Students will be covering the following topics:

  • Ethics of estate and planned giving in the Quran
  • Introduction to Faraidh (Intestate inheritance law)
  • Contemporary fatwas: Instruments of Planned Giving during lifetime in Singapore
  • Fatwa on Joint-Tenancy
  • Fatwa on Joint Account
  • Fatwa on CPF Nomination
  • Fatwa on Insurance Nomination
  • Fatwa on establishing trust for dependents with special needs

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