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About I Need a Break: Why We Need to Protect Our Mental Health

ADIL Knowledge Retreat resumes online!

This online event will be held via video-conferencing with both speakers and participants. Q&A will be activated for all at the end of the event.
Each ticket entry link allows only 1 viewer.

Be part of this event from wherever you are 🙂

Topic Synopsis:
Religious scholars have identified the importance of preserving one’s mind and included it as one of the key and essential elements to be protected. The mind and intellect hold a very fundamental values in our lives, yet 1 in 7 Singaporeans experience a form of mental health issue in their lifetime.

Join us in this retreat as we discuss some tips and techniques to preserve our mind and develop mental resilience, as well as ways to deal with this growing issue of mental wellness especially in the current Covid-19 pandemic situation. Learn from the experts and ensure that you have the right guide to a healthy mind.


Speaker 1: “Developing Mental Resilience” – Deputy Mufti Ustaz Dr Md Hannan Hassan

· Brief introduction on Maqasid Syari’ah and its importance for Muslims and society.

· Why preserves the mind? And the need to do to face Covid-19 pandemic.

· The significance the prohibition of intoxicants and alcohol, and “Dadah itu Haram” campaign.

· Avoid negativities: be selective on which content you consume online – religious and others.

· Viewing stress positively: how to maintain a good level of stress for optimal performance as shown by of our Prophet s.a.w. with his companions.

· Our roles in helping ourselves and others towards a more positive thinking of life and the correct understanding of strong reliance in Allah s.w.t.


Speaker 2: “Dealing with Mental Challenges” – Founder of Club H.E.A.L. (Singapore), Dr Radiah Salim

· The main mental challenges in the time of Covid-19 pandemic.

· Taking care of our physical brain: food and exercises for the brain.

· The Singapore Mental Health Study: 1 in 7 Singaporeans experience a form of mental health issue in their lifetime. – Why and how do we overcome as a society?

· Understand the various mental challenges and its severity on personal and social level.

· Reaching out and dealing with family, friends or colleagues with mental challenges.

· Where and how to get treatment: referral and contacts.


Proceeds from the event will be channelled to Wakaf Ilmu

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