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  • Syuruk 00:00
  • Zohor 00:00
  • Asar 00:00
  • Maghrib 00:00
  • Isyak 00:00

About Kursus Fardhu Ain

Kursus Fardhu Ain

Date: 10 Jan – 31 Jan 2022, Mondays
Time: 7.30pm – 9.30pm
Venue: Zoom (Live)
Murabbi: Ustaz Muhd Idris Rifaie
Language: Malay
Fees: $50

The ADIL Fardhu Ain course is a summary of the Muslim Manual module; it covers the basic things that all Muslims need to know. Suitable for those who are new to learning or want to review the basics of religious knowledge. Fardhu Ain is a knowledge that must be learned and practiced by every individual; it includes the pillars of Islam, the pillars of faith and everyday matters.

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