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What is Kids aLIVE Home Edition (KAHE)?

Kids aLIVE Home Edition programme aims to make experiential-based Islamic learning more accessible to parents and the general public. The free programme comprises a set of activities and materials to support parents in guiding their children in learning Islam at home.

The themes for the pilot version of Kids aLIVE Home Edition are as follows;

Allah Made Us5 years old10 weeks
Allah Loves Me and
I Love Him
6 years old10 weeks

Registration for the programme is to be done via the online form below.

Successful registrants will be contacted via email. We will be providing you with the link to gain access to the Kids aLIVE Home Edition online platform.

You will be welcomed to an online platform where there will be more enrichment activities and resources for you to use with your children at home.


To find out more about the Kids aLIVE Home Edition, do click on the following links:

Parents Companion Guidebook and Home Edition Lesson 1 for trial version:
– For Apple-users: iPad, mac, iPhone (iTunesU)
– For other devices: Android and PC (Adobe Reader)

Click here to register.