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What is ADIL?

ADIL is an acronym for Adult Islamic Learning. It is an Islamic learning programme specially tailored for adult Muslim learners in Singapore.

Derived from the Arabic word of ‘Adil’ (عادل), literally means a just person. Allah s.w.t. commands Muslims to be bearers of justice for it is closest to Taqwa.


It symbolizes maturity, moderation, rationality and objectivity. It represents a learned individual who is inclusive; transcends religion, race, language or other forms of denominators.

Developed by the Office of the Mufti, this new Adult Islamic Learning (ADIL) programme is designed such that it remains relevant and suited for our Muslim adults’ contemporary spiritual and intellectual needs. The programme will be offered in both Malay and English to cater to varied demands and needs of the Muslim community.


ADIL is developed to enrich the Islamic learning experience for Muslim adults in Singapore. It allows more choices for Muslim adults to receive Islamic learning in structured and modular settings as well as more opportunities to interact and engage with asatizah.

Specially designed to address the emerging needs of our Muslims adults, we hope this programme becomes your preferred choice for Islamic learning.

By participating in this programme, you will be spiritually refreshed, intellectually enriched and meaningfully engaged in discussions on Islam and its relevance in our daily lives.

Who should attend ADIL?

Any adult who wishes to:

  • Learn about Islam
  • Master foundational knowledge of Islam
  • Revisit understanding of Islamic knowledge
  • Attend structured modular classes
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