aLIVE – Learning Islamic Values Everyday

About aLIVE?

aLIVE – Learning Islamic Values Everyday

The aLIVE Mosque Madrasah programmes aim to nurture soleh/solehah (pious/righteous) children with taqwa (God-consciousness) and good akhlak (character), knowledgeable in Islam, become practising Muslims, and show care and concern towards others.

Core Value and Principles

Spirit of Inquiry & Discovery

Spiritual & Character Education

Challenging &
Inspirational Ideas

Effective Teaching & Learning


The aLIVE programmes seek to inculcate values through modelling so that students can see them being exemplified by their teachers. Teachers will also facilitate the learning of these values by providing opportunities to the students to personally engage in the moral-building journey. This is the divine instruction given in the Qur’an and followed by the early generations of Muslim scholars.

Teachers / Asatizah

The aLIVE asatizah are qualified and specially trained to deliver content effectively. They do this by engaging in activities and relating classroom learning to the students’ lives. Many of the asatizah are graduates of established Islamic learning institutions such as Al-Azhar University and the International Islamic University of Malaysia. They are also required to attend regular training sessions organised by Muis.

Mode of Assessment

To effectively assess students, multiple forms of assessment are used to cover the different types of learning that students go through, both in and out of classrooms.


The aLIVE programmes are made relevant to the development of kids, tweens, teens and youth.


5-8 Years Old


9-12 Years Old


13-16 Years Old


17-20 Years Old

The aLIVE programmes adopt a thematic approach to learning. Different themes appropriate for the different levels have been developed so that lessons can be delivered effectively. The subjects on Aqidah and Fiqh are presented as “Faith & Practices”, Akhlak as “Character & Life Skills”, Sirah and Tarikh as “Social & Civilisational Islam” and Iqra’ and Qur’an Reading as “Qur’anic Literacy”.

The four areas are given different emphasis depending on the programme, the module and the topic. For example, more emphasis is placed on Qur’anic Literacy in the Kids and Tweens aLIVE programmes.

Home-based Learning

Due to the pandemic, all aLIVE Mosque Madrasah classes at mosques had to be temporarily suspended since 24 March 2020. Despite being affected by the situation, aLIVE mosque madrasahs have been proactive in ensuring the continuity of Islamic learning for their students.

Students enrolled in aLIVE classes have been attending lessons online since the temporary closure of mosques. Parents and students can access learning materials such as powerpoint slides, activity handbooks, videos and weekly online quizzes from the aLIVE Home-Based Learning Page (

In addition, to support the the Islamic Education Centres and Providers and Quranic teachers in strengthening the quality of home-based learning, the Islamic Education Workgroup (IEWG) guided by Muis, has developed an Online Islamic Education Kit. This toolkit includes guides to video conferencing tools, references from IEWG online classes and resources, as well as simple assessments for online learning. This toolkit has benefitted and enhance the online Islamic learning experience for asatizah and students alike.

Financial Assistance (IEF)

What is Islamic Education Fund (IEF)?

The Islamic Education Fund (IEF) is a funding support scheme meant for part-time religious classes at mosque madrasahs which was launched in 2004.

Key Objectives

Funding for Families

To widen outreach to young Muslims and ensure that no child is deprived of Islamic Education due to financial difficulties.

Funding for Centres

To develop a quality Islamic education system via the aLIVE programmes by building capacity of mosque madrasahs and teachers.

More than 4000 students, 800 teachers and 38 aLIVE centres/mosque madrasahs have benefited from the IEF every year since its inception, in the form of fee subsidies, training grants, centre support grants and funding for outreach programmes.

Funding for Families (FFF) is a financial assistance from Muis, to assist eligible families to fund their children’s enrolment in the aLIVE programme. The IEF provides fee subsidies to help defray the cost.

The four areas are given different emphasis depending on the programme, the module and the topic. For example, more emphasis is placed on Qur’anic Literacy in the Kids and Tweens aLIVE programmes.

Eligibility Criteria (Funding for Families)

Tier 1

Needy Student Grant (NSG)

Per Capita Income (PCI):

$0 < PCI < $500

Criteria & Subsidy:

  • Maximum mosque madrasah fee subsidy of $420/student/year 
  • 90% of miscellaneous fees, capped at $100 per student per year.
  • Student will receive $520 (max) yearly.

Tier 2

Family Support Rebate (FSR)

Per Capita Income (PCI):

$501 < PCI < $750

Criteria & Subsidy:

  • Two months mosque madrasah fee subsidy of up to $35 per month per student.
  • Student will receive $70 (max) yearly.

Application Period

Parents can start applying online from 1st Aug 2022 till 28 Feb 2023 via

Parents to ensure on a confirmed enrolment to the mosque for the following year before submitting the application for IEF.

For any other queries, please email to [email protected] or contact the aLIVE Administrator at your nearest mosque madrasah.

What is Kids aLIVE Home Edition (KAHE)?

Kids aLIVE Home Edition programme aims to make experiential-based Islamic learning more accessible to parents and the general public. The free programme comprises a set of activities and materials to support parents in guiding their children in learning Islam at home.


Allah Made Us

Age Group: 5 years old
Duration: 10 Weeks

Allah Loves Me and I Love Him

Age Group: 6 years old
Duration: 10 Weeks

Find out more about KAHE

Parents Companion Guidebook and Home Edition Lesson 1 Trial Version is available in different platform.

Apple Users

iPad, Mac, iPhone (iTunesU)

Other Devices

Android and PC (Adobe Reader)


Registration for the programme is to be done via the online form below.

Successful registrants will be contacted via email. We will be providing you with the link to gain access to the Kids aLIVE Home Edition online platform.

You will be welcomed to an online platform where there will be more enrichment activities and resources for you to use with your children at home.