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    Course Structure

    1. Weekly Modular Series

    By Modular

    (register for ala carte module)

    By Academic Year

    (register for all Baseline + Intermediate modules)

    Weekday Classes:

    2 credit hours per session. One module will take between 2 to 5 weeks to cover.

    Weekend Classes:

    2 to 5 credit hours per weekend. One module will take between 1 to 5 weeks to cover.

    2. Weekly Modular Series

    Interactive workshop sessions focusing on specific topic on issues covered in the baseline level. The workshop series will also cover issues that affect Muslims of today. The duration will usually be between 4 to 8 hours per workshop.

    3. Discourse series: ADIL Knowledge Retreat

    ADIL Modules

    ADIL believes in the independence of individual students to self-assess their learning needs. There are no entry requirements and students do not have to take all modules in any particular order. Students are free to choose any of the modules from any level.

    Baseline Modules

    Seeks to provide adult learners with baseline Islamic knowledge. Inspired by the philosophy of Islam, Iman, Ihsan & Ilm (knowledge) as important components of a Muslim’s life. It covers the common baseline knowledge for every adult Muslim in Singapore.

    Living Sources

    Warisan Kenabian

    A Muslim’s Manual

    Manual Muslim

    Light of Faith

    Cahaya Keimanan

    The Chosen One

    Insan Pilihan

    Intermediate Modules

    Seeks to provide an in-depth discussion of various Islamic traditional sciences and the relevance and applications in the contemporary settings and challenges. It encourages a more thorough and expanded scope of discussion, as compared to the baseline level.

    Fiqh for Travellers

    Fiqh Musafir

    Fiqh for the Sick

    Fiqh Bagi Pesakit

    The Arch-Angels (Ulul Azmi)

    Rasul Pilihan (Ulul Azmi)

    Path of Repentance

    Jalan Menuju Taubat

    Being a Muslim
    in Singapore Series

    Siri Muslim Warga Singapura

    Fiqh of Planned Giving

    Fiqh Perancangan Harta

    Introduction to
    Diversity in Islam

    Pengenalan Kepada
    Kepelbagaian Dalam Islam

    Introduction to
    Maqasid Al-Shariah

    Maqasid Al-Shariah

    Dawn of Makkah

    Light of Madinah

    ADIL Knowledge Retreat

    As part of the ADIL programme’s extended outreach beyond modular classes, ADIL Knowledge Retreat (AKR) provides refreshing content and relevant knowledge for the Muslim adult’s contemporary spiritual and intellectual needs.

    AKR covers a range of topics within themes that suit the diverse interest of learners of Islamic Knowledge. It is delivered by local asatizah and professionals who are well-versed in the chosen topics.