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The Murabbi Show: Fiqh of Planned Giving
Ep 1: Fiqh of Planned Giving Featuring Ustaz Asysallehan Ali, Ustaz Khairani Basiran and Ustaz Muhammad Fadhlullah Share and watch with family and friends! #themurabbishow​ *The Murabbi Show is in Malay
Alif and Aisya Why is Ramadan so Special?
Alif & Aisya discovers that Ramadan is a special month because of 2 major events happening in Ramadan which is Nuzul Quran and Laylatul Qadr.
My Ramadan Kit: My Tarawih and Fasting Chart
  Download My Terawih & Fasting Chart
Alif and Aisya Learn About Halal Food
In this episode, Aisya shares about what is halal food and what kind of foods are good and bad for us. Don’t forget, green is good!  
Alif and Aisya Visit Their Cousins During Eid
In this episode, Alif learns a valuable lesson on adab and etiquettes while visiting his cousin during Hari Raya or Eid.
Alif and Aisya : Special Craft Episode
In this special craft episode, Aisya shares how we can make your own Ramadan (or Syawal!) charity jar so you can save and donate the extra money you get to the needy!

ADIL Murabbi Explains – Path of Repentance

September 2, 2019

In this episode, Ustaz Syahid enlightens us on the concept and beauty of repenting from our past sins to Allah s.w.t. The door of Tawbah is always open for us.